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Hi, I’m David Truelove

and I’m the founder and creator of TRU Fitness.

Unlike a lot of fitness professionals I had no interest in fitness or excercise from a young age, wasn’t the school football captain, didn’t have a 6 pack when I was 13 and didn’t decide to become a PT because I it seemed like PE for grown ups


By the age of 21 I was 19.5 stone, 38% body fat, a 20 a day smoker, unfit, uninspired and very very unhappy. 

When I decided to change my lifestyle I tried every fad diet, every rogue piece of advice and every single way to lose weight and get fit. I made a lot of mistakes along the way and my results were up and down as a result. When I fully started educating myself on how to achieve sustainable goals I wanted to pass on what I had learned to others to stop them making the same mistakes as I had. This was how TRU fitness came to be.

TRU Fitness: Coaching

After my initial weight loss I spent years with up and down weight loss and gain and making mistakes with how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Around this time I was training at Buckley Boxing Club where I was given the opportunity to coach classes and working with competitive boxers.

I immediately realised this was what I wanted to do with my life and spent the next two years getting qualified and building a business so I could change my career from mechanic to personal trainer. 

Since then I have worked as strength and conditioning coach at Neston hockey club for 5 seasons working with hundreds of athletes including some international players, and contributing towards promotions to national and north leagues for both ladies and men’s 1st teams.

I have been based at Zone Fitness in Neston for 3 years where I coach classes and individuals from beginners to athletes representing their country.

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